New Restriction Guideline

Amazone Playzone will be implementing Restriction Exemption Program, starting September 20th, Monday.

Every customer who are 12 years old and up is required to provide proof of vaccination, documentation of a medical exemption or proof of privately paid negative PCR or Rapid Test result.

Accessing your vaccine records

The official vaccine records are available on Alberta Covid-19 Vaccine Record

Proof of Vaccination

There are two different ways to provide the proof of vaccination: Online and Paper


Visit My Health Record website ( to sign up and get access to all verified health records, such as vaccines, lab tests and medications. Print a record out, or download an app to take a screenshot of your record.


Immunization record you received at your vaccination appointment can serve as a paper record. If you have lost a record, you can request a copy through pharmacy or physician's office where you received your vaccination, or call AHS Clinic (Call #811).