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With the school opening this coming Fall, we understand that there are lots of worries and concerns over sending children back to school. As school planned to welcome everyone who decided to come back to school, it will be very difficult for a teacher to keep an eye on all children. We also understand that it will be difficult for parents to stay home at all time to watch over the children if they decide to do out of school learning. Parents who can stay at home to support their children may also concern about some aspects that online schooling cannot help with, such as socialization and physical activity.

Amazone Playzone Academy (APA) can help you with all these problems! We will be offering a very special program for children to complete online education, socialize with other friends with same age group, and enjoy variety of physical activities in a safe environment.

Our staff member will stay with the children at all time to make sure everyone is in safe environment and there will be staffs to help children if they need help* during the Online Class time. We will be providing a quiet study room with tables placed to follow the government’s guidance on physical distancing, ensuring safety for children and staff.

* Our staff will be supporting children with schoolwork but will not be teaching individual child.

This program is for...

A. Students entering 1st – 6th Grade
B. Parents who want to provide their children a safe place to focus on online education

C. Parents who cannot stay with their children at home everyday to support them

D. Parents who want their children to socialize and to get involved in physical activity in a small group with safe environment.

Term and Session / Registration date


1st Term (September 8th, Tuesday – November 6th, Friday) *


a. Session 1 (September 8th, Tuesday – September 25th, Friday)


Session 1 registration starts on August 26th, Wednesday

b. Session 2 (September 28th, Monday – October 16th, Friday)


Session 2 registration starts on September 19th, Saturday

c. Session 3 (October 19th, Monday – November 6th, Friday)


Session 3 registration starts on October 10th, Saturday


* Amazone Playzone Academy will be run from Monday to Friday every week except for statutory holiday.

* Students who are registered for a previous session has a priority to register for the next session.


The schedule below may change based on children’s online education program.

8am – 9am: Check in / Adventure Zone (Trampoline, Rock climbing, ninja course, etc.)

9am – 10am: Class Time

10am – 11am: Adventure Zone Playtime / Sky Ride

11am – 12pm: Sports Time (Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Dodgeball, etc.)

12pm – 1pm: Lunch Break / Free Time

1pm – 2pm: Class Time

2pm – 3pm: Group Activity

3pm – 4pm: Adventure Zone Playtime / Free Time

4pm – 4:30pm: Pickup


a. Program Package (Monday to Friday)

Session 1

September 8th, Tuesday – September 25th, Friday - $700.00

Session 2

September 28th, Monday – October 16th, Friday - $700.00

Session 3

October 19th, Monday – November 6th, Friday - $750.00

b. Meal Plan (Lunch) – optional (You can bring your own lunch)

Lunch Menu – $7.99/day or $99.00/session

  1. Individual Pizza (either Cheese or Pepperoni) + Fries + Drink (either juice box or water bottle)

  2. Hotdog + Fries + Drink (either juice box or water bottle)

  3. Chicken Finger + Fries + Drink (either juice box or water bottle)

Cleaning, Sanitization, and prevention

Amazone Playzone will be operating under a very strict cleaning and sanitizing protocol to follow and even exceed the guideline provided by the government ( entertainment.pdf).

When entering the facility, everyone, including the adults, children, and staff members, will be required to go through the temperature check. Also, Amazone Playzone will be following the physical distancing guideline provided by the government to ensure safety of everyone.

Lots of hand sanitizers will be available all over our facility and staffs will be asking children to wash their hands frequently. All tables, chairs, equipment, and structures will be sanitized after each activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cohort divided based on school division and age group?

Based on school division, students will have different online education tools and we want to make sure every student can focus on their studies with friends who are working on similar program.

Based on age group, there will be different focus on the online education program. For example, ECS to grade 3 will focus on language and mathematics and Grades 4-6 will focus on language arts, mathematics with science, social studies. Also, different age group will have to spend different amount of times to successfully complete online education program.

Will the Amazone Playzone Academy be open on PD days?


Yes! Amazone Playzone Academy will be open on PD days. The only days we are not open is when there is statutory holiday. Also, schedule on PD day is going to be different from regular day as PD day stands for free “Play Day” for us .

Will my child be safe in Amazone Playzone?

Absolutely. Amazone Playzone has sanitized all facility with the help from professional cleaning corporation, Cintas. We follow protocols and guidelines provided by government very strictly. Everyone, including children and staff members, in our facility will have to go through temperature check everyday and if anyone does not pass the temperature check, they will not be able to enter our facility.

If I am planning to make my own cohort of 9 children, does school division and age group matter?

If you are planning to make your own cohort, there is no need to worry about school division and age group.

Is it possible for me to register for session 2 only and not session 1?

For sure! Only problem is because students from previous session have priority to register for next session, if none of the student from previous session wish to withdraw, you will not be able to register for the session. However, you will put onto our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as the spot opens.


Please do not hesitate to call us or email us with any questions or concerns! We are more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

Phone number : 780-760-4190

Email :

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